PUBG mobile tips

You should be a PUBG player if you want to get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner fast. These PUBG pro tips will help you improve your game.

We talked with top PUBG players, and they shared some PUBG Mobile tips with us. This article will share these tips and PUBG tips n tips with you.

Improve your goal

The PUBG beginners guide will help you improve your aim. Start by practicing in the training area if you’re a beginner. You will find all weapons here, and you can test them with all attachments.

Spraying long distances is possible if you are precise in your aim. We recommend spraying with a 5.55mm M416, SCAR–L, and AUG.

Close-range fight

AKM-47 guns, Groza, UZI, and machine guns are all good options for fighting at close range in PUBG. These weapons will increase your chances of winning in close combat in PUBG.

Proper use of scopes

It is a simple trick that many people overlook, but it is a crucial PUBG mobile tip. You should use a red holographic, usually with 2X scope in close. This is less likely than straining your close-fighting vision. For spray and long-range shooting, however, you will need to use 3X, 4X, 6X, and 8X scopes.

Proper Use of Hand Grenades and Smokes

Every day, our users ask us, “PUBG, how do I win?”

We’ve already highlighted the importance of carrying a combination of two powerful guns. This will increase your chances of winning at PUBG. But let’s remember the importance of adequately using smoke and hand grenades.

Playing solo during a match means facing your opponent and throwing grenades as long as possible, even if there are no targets. Grenades are very effective and will draw your opponents into the open to be shot down. However, a long-range lob can often pick up quick kills. The best use of smoke is to provide cover and distraction. However, a well-placed smoke grenade in PUBG can confuse your opponents, drawing them back into the open.

Pro setting tips

Personal preference is everything. Your control settings may be optimal for your setup. We recommend that you experiment to find the best adjustment for your needs. Here is a list of locations most commonly used by pro players, as suggested by our PUBG pros.

  • Always on Gyroscope
  • Hold
  • Bolt Action rifle released
  • Quick scope change
  • Peak enable and hold
  • The other PUBG mobile tip you should remember is to use the universal mark
  • Keep searching

Another essential tip in the PUBG tips list is to scan the area, looking forward and backward. Players can kill you from behind or from the side. So, remember, check your six!

To aid you in locating your enemy, always use the eye view option. This will allow you to kill your enemy and protect yourself against them.

Wear headphones

Hearing is one of the most important senses. It is essential to hear your opponent’s voice. You can listen to your opponent’s coming if you have a good pair of headphones.

Sound travels like many battle games to indicate the direction shots are heading or the enemy. Listen to the sound of the image, and you will locate the firing spot.

Gun and combo

It is simple, always choose a powerful combination gun. The best PUBG gun combo is one that includes the AWM and Groza. Groza is for close-range fights and AWM for longer distances. Remember to adjust the scope settings.

Use level 3 equipment.

Level 3 equipment is essential for top PUBG players. This includes a level 3 helmet, level 3 backpack, and level 3 vest (military vest). This equipment will ensure you take the minor damage possible from your enemy. The durability and damage reduction figures of your armor choices also decrease as you progress through your armor selections.

Another important PUBG mobile tip: Always boost your health power. This will allow you to recover faster and provide the necessary boost to win the battle.

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