The Best League Of Legends Memes

What is League of Legends Memes?

League of Legends memes brings people together.

These are ways to make fun of people or things and circulate quickly over long periods. It could take months or years.

These jokes enable people to communicate more efficiently by referring to shared experiences and ideas. League of Legends memes are a common language for LoL players.

Memes are the common language of humor and sarcasm, whereas English is the language of standard communication.

LoL, memes may appear as plain text or with images attached. They can be found on Reddit and 9gag as well as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter.

Many League of Legends memes were created over the years and are still popular today.

Sometimes they aren’t game-specific or industry-specific but rather come from the culture.

Here are some of the most loved League of Legends memes.

Memes from the Best League of Legends

If the ADC is dead first, it’s not a steal.

This is the most popular meme for support players. LoL’s attack damage or ADC carry must fight in the safe lane while his support helps him.

This is where the opposing team will bring their ADC/support duo. As you can imagine, there will be fights as both duos try to stop the other from farming effectively.

The support role ensures that the ADC continues functioning in such situations.

Suppose an opportunity arises to kill an enemy. In that case, it is best to let their teammate make the killing (or take out the last enemy champion) because the gold he gets for it could prove crucial in helping him snowball to victory and take control of the game.

This is a common scenario in which the support player looks to save his own life, let his carrier die, and then steal the kill by hitting the last enemy champion.

That’s how the meme was created. You’ll be accused of KSing if you kill, steal, or KS while your ADC is still alive. If you let them go, no one will complain.

What ordinary people see/What I see

This meme refers to real-life LoL players who want to share their experiences.

LoL players see reality differently than other people. They see it through the lens of symbols and elements they create.

For example, the Summoner spell-like Summoner spell looks a lot like the little man at the traffic lights. Ghost is the more precise name.

This spell allows you to move through units faster than average for 10 seconds.

These are just a few examples of such situations. They often lead to memes like “What normal people see” or “What I see.”

No Skill, No Brain, Yasuo Main

This meme, and others that follow it, is often used by opponents when a midlaner crushes them in a 1v1 matchup.

This meme refers to someone spamming or abusing a champion who is currently too powerful in the meta and requires very little skill to play at a high level.

It’s true; champions don’t need any skill to win.

The most basic champions have much unique micromechanics requiring hundreds of games to master. People still complain about spamming certain champions, even though they know how difficult it can be to play against them.

You will feel disoriented after losing many points to Yasuo or any other strong midlaner.

You can see that things may not go as you expect. This prompts players to resort to the famous meme “No skill, no brain,” INSERT_CHAMPION_HERE.

By “main” people, someone means their go-to champion or the character they often use to spam in games.

Hand washing

This refers to the famous meme where two people meet, and one of them says something about himself. The other person is shown in another photo washing his hands with soap.

Example: “I play Akali in the middle of every game.” (said while shaking hands). The other person finds it so disgusting they have to wash their hands afterward.

People using responses like these are often saying the same thing. They find your behavior or a characteristic unfavorable, even though they may mean it funnily.

OP, Please, Nuf

This is a common complaint you will hear about certain champions. This is a complaint that players use to say that sure winners are too powerful and should be made less potent by Riot Games.

This phrase is often used humorously. Sometimes players mean it, and they are not happy with the power of a champion after a patch in which they were buffed.

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