superforoslogo - About

Our company we develops video games for any mobile device, with any operating system, making our creations reach all gamers, regardless of their age. Our content is completely varied and is created to be suitable for all ages and all tendencies, thanks to the creativity and expertise that our staff has put into the products and services.

We have a crew perfectly qualified and educated in the creation, programming and development of our video games, all for the enjoyment of our loyal user base, which always download our games. We are one of the strongest companies in the region, when it comes to production and development of video games.

We have state of the art equipment, which we acquired because our company is committed to our evolution and growth, to keep up to date with the large number of companies that are also dedicated to developing games.

We are determined to make the biggest efforts we can possibly manage to provide our users with the best and be one of the top game developers out there.

Most of the games we develop are RPG, which usually attract a lot of people, that helps our company have a lot more downloads and that people enjoy the quality of the games we develop. However, we also do other kinds of games, which are aimed at both young audiences and adult audiences. Our products are timeless and, for us, age is just a number..

Our beginnings were very hard, because we had no headquarters, no team, no personnel in charge of the programming, and development of the video games that we had planned to do. We had to improvise and make the first game in common computers, in order to be able to publish, thus doing something that we could release, and start growing.

By now, Super Foros has become a stable company, keeping our business going as we constantly work to see the fruits of our efforts, in favor always of fulfilling our dream and what we did was to continue with our business and constantly work to see the fruits of our work. For this we have a great commitment to all this development and production of games.